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About MMCM


What is MMCM?

MMCM is Maine's trade association dedicated to the support and promotion of safe access to medical marijuana. MMCM has been providing education and advocacy for patients and caregivers since 2010.


In 1999, Maine became one of the first states in the country to legalize marijuana for medical use. Voters passed a Citizen's Initiative in 2009, allowing a person who has a doctor's certification to purchase medicine from a Caregiver or a Dispensary.
MMCM was formed as a Trade Association in 2010 to provide advocacy and education for Maine following the passage of the Medical Marijuana Initiative.
The state legislature pushed through major changes to the Initiative before allowing it to go into law in 2010. Changes  included a ban on outdoor growing, removal of legal protections for patients, and requiring all patients be registered with the State.
MMCM became active in the State House in response to these dramatic changes to the law. In 2011 the intent of the Citizen Initiated law was restored. Since that time, MMCM has been in the State House every session, working to improve the state's medical marijuana laws.
Maines medical marijuana laws were rated the best in the country by Americans for Safe Access in 2013, balancing needed safety protections with patient privacy protections.

MMCM played key roles to improve Maine's medical marijuana laws since 2010

Your support of MMCM  made it possible to:

- Restore the Affirmative Defense to prosecution for excess marijuana for medical use

- Remove the 2010 ban on Outdoor Cultivation

- Restore protections for patient privacy

- Remove the 2010 requirement that patients must register with the DHHS

- Add PTSD as qualifying condition

- Allow Caregivers to donate excess medicine to patients

- Allow Caregivers to have an employee

- Stop plans for required Seed-To-Sale Tracking

- Stop proposed ban on hash and kief

- Stop State plan to allow warrantless inspections through partnerships with law enforcement

- Spearheaded law to allow medical marijuana for patients in Hospice and Nursing Homes

- Provide guidance to town officials considering local ordinances affecting patients and caregivers