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Captains of Industry Dinner

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6th Annual Captains of Industry Dinner

The “Captains of Industry Fundraising Dinner” will be held at the Augusta Country Club 19 Hammonds Grove (Route 202) Manchester, ME 04351 from 5pm to 10pm This dinner is for everyone and anyone that would like to attend. Come join us on this special night of celebrating our 6th ANNUAL HOME GROWN TRADE SHOW. This event is a fundraiser for MMCM with a minimum donation of $75.00 per person per ticket, which includes the buffet (gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan option). There will be a cash bar and live music as well.
(each 75.00 ticket = 30.00 venue/ meal & 45.00 donation to MMCM)

Augusta Country Club 19 Hammonds Grove ( Route 202) Manchester, ME 04351
Friday June 2nd
Social hour 5:00pm~6:00
MMCM Speaking 6:00pm
Dinner 6:30


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Captains of Industry Dinner Tickets