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Event Schedule 2019



Come hear about the ins and outs of starting a Cannabis Storefront. We will be discussing municipalities and state requirements, staffing, products, client care and marketing.

Dave Whitten from Sticky Bud Farms
Dawson Julia from East Coast CBDs
Catherine Lewis from Homegrown Healthcare
Brady Palmer from Earthly Delights
Sayra Small from Farley's Cannabis Farm

Workshops Saturday, June 1st

10:30 - 11:30 Nature Walk, Sarah Dostie
11:15 -12:15 “Sex in the time of Cannabis” Janis Lily
12:30 – 1:15 “Retail Storefronts”
1:30 – 2:30 “Extraction Labs”, Dan Thayer
2:30 – 3:30 “ Magical Butter Machine Demo, Jen Grue

Keynote Speakers

Uma Dhanabalan sm


Dr. Dhanabalan is a highly respected physician trained in Family Medicine, Occupational & Environmental Medicine, specialized in heavy metals, a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, a Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist and Medical Review Officer.

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Matt Dubois - Dubois Law LLC, PA

Matt Dubois founded one of Maine's first cannabis law firms in 2015 to protect the rights of Maine medical cannabis patients, caregivers, and cannabis businesses. He assists clients with all aspects of Maine's medical and adult-use cannabis laws...

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Janel Dena Ralph - Palmetto Synergistic Research LLC

Janel Ralph is the CEO of Palmetto Synergistic Research LLC, a co-founder of Agricultural Hemp Solutions, and founder of Compassionate South Carolina. Palmetto Synergistic Research LLC is a South Carolina based company that produces Palmetto Harmony full spectrum cannabis oils.

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Jennifer Whetzel sm

Jennifer Whetzel

Jennifer Whetzel is a marketing professional and founder of Ladyjane Branding. For over 25 years, Whetzel has worked on branding, advertising, marketing, strategizing and researching for Fortune 500 companies and B2B/B2C small businesses. 

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amanda melnick

Amanda Melnick

Amanda is the Founder & Principal of Maine Cannabis Consultants.
She helps cannabis businesses reach their fullest potential by supporting them in business development, real estate acquisition, compliance, and municipal relations.

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Laurel Sheppard, NP

Credentials:Master of Science in Nursing from Simmons College, Certification for Primary Care and Family Care Nurse Practitioner, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Biofeedback Practitioner, Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UNH, Professional musician: vocals and flute

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patrick wiley

Patrick Wiley

Mr. Wiley has very diverse and unique background which overlaps several different sectors: design, engineering and horticulture. From early in his career, Patrick began working at his father’s greenhouses where he developed a strong yet specific skillset in horticulture and commercial greenhouse production.

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Attorney Tim Zerillo

Tim Zerillo is a lawyer with a criminal defense, personal injury and marijuana regulatory practice in Portland.   Tim practices throughout Maine in Federal and State Courts.

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Sayra Small

Sayra is a Maine medical marijuana caregiver and Co-founder of Farley’s Cannabis Farm. As lead cultivator, Sayra has Farley Farms focused on producing top shelf flower, extracts and is expanding to include hemp cultivation.

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sarah hewitt

Sarah Hewitt

Sarah Hewitt-  Horticulturist, farmer, hemp advocate and Founder of Victory Hemp LLC. Victory Hemp grows high CBD hemp for a variety of markets nationally as well as provides consulting & crop management services for those interested in exploring hemp production.

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Roxanne Munksgaard

Roxanne Munksgaard is an artist and  metalsmith who specializes in recycled copper and is founder of the Maine State House copper dome project. She co-owns an artisan gallery Downtown Bangor. Roxanne has been a medical cannabis patient since the start of the program in Maine.

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steve brown

Steve Brown

Steve is a veteran of the Gulf war and served with the USAF as a Medic. He currently lives in Richmond however is searching for a house which has been ongoing for three years now.

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Todd Gregory

Todd graduated from Syracuse University with a degree In Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises. After college he trained In the art of extraction in Denver Colorado.

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aaron barth Aaron Barth

Aaron Barth is currently the CEO of Tricann Alternatives located in Berwick Maine. He was born in Youngstown Ohio however spending most of his childhood in the New England states. He finished his highchool education back in Ohio attending Trumble County Vocational Highschool graduating from the building trades prodram.

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Craig Zievis Craig Zievis

Craig Zievis has been cultivating cannabis for over 25 years, both hydroponically and organically. He has a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology and an M.S. in Marine Biology; both from the University of Maine in Orono.

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brian patterson

Brian Patterson - The Honeycomb Farm

Brian Patterson is a caregiver in Central Maine providing the highest quality flowers for consuming. Training specially for Safety in Hydrocarbons , and also accredited through MMU for short path distillation.

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davic cunic David Cunic - Leadership and Business Consultant HOW CAN I HELP YOU? consulting, speaking engagements, leadership coaching, cannabis industry advice, PT education and more...David M. Cunic is a physical therapist, business consultant, leadership coach, and cannabis industry expert.

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janet Janet Mcallister - Hippy Chick LLC

Janet mcallister is founder of Hippy Chick LLC. She has studied apothecary and Cbd health since 2015 and now leads a thriving business in sangerville Maine. Janet’s vast product line has taken multiple awards in a short time.

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elmo ELMO

Elmo has cut plants and extracted in four states, moderated and sat on the solventless extractions panel at the Boston freedom rally 3 years in a row, and modorated the extractions panel here at Homegrown Maine last year.

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Devin Devin Tellier

Jennifer Grue

Jennifer Grue is the owner and trained herbalist behind Muffins’ Apothecary, a budding herbal medicine business that uses locally sourced ingredients from around New England to create unique health and wellness products for a wide range of ailments. Jennifer dabbled in Bakery and Pastry Arts at Johnson and Wales University...

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