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amanda melnickAmanda Melnick

Amanda is the Founder & Principal of Maine Cannabis Consultants.
She helps cannabis businesses reach their fullest potential by supporting them in business development, real estate acquisition, compliance, and municipal relations. Amanda came to this industry with over 10 years of experience building successful start-up businesses. Her mission is to help passionate business owners succeed and to see the Maine cannabis industry flourish.





LSheppardLaurel Sheppard, NP


· Master of Science in Nursing from Simmons College

· Certification for Primary Care and Family Care Nurse Practitioner

· Reiki and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner

· Biofeedback Practitioner

· Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UNH

· Professional musician: vocals and flute

I have enjoyed many years working as a nurse and then as a Nurse Practitioner in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Hawaii, and Maine. Throughout those years, I was always interested in learning different methods of treating patients other than by the traditional Western Medicine techniques. I have become certified in Therapeutic Touch and Reiki, Guided Imagery, Biofeedback, and Therapeutic Massage. My work as a musician also provides a different type of healing, especially to those with psychological illnesses.

I have been working with Dr. Dustin Sulak at Integr8 Health specializing in cannabis medicine since 2010. My patient population ranges in age from 2 months to 101 years old, and includes a diverse combination of symptoms and health conditions. I greatly enjoy teaching patients and their families about using medical cannabis, and can often assist them in transitioning from less effective pharmaceuticals, thereby improving their quality of life.

patrick wiley

Patrick Alexander Wiley

Mr. Wiley has very diverse and unique background which overlaps several different sectors: design, engineering and horticulture. From early in his career, Patrick began working at his father’s greenhouses where he developed a strong yet specific skillset in horticulture and commercial greenhouse production. After developing his horticulture skills, Patrick had a successful 7 year carrier in engineering, where he reached many milestones. However, he decided to leave the engineering sector to pursue his passion for cannabis horticulture and in 2007 cofounded Growing Balance LLC.

                Growing Balance is a state of Maine legallylicensed medical cannabis company. Since the inception of Growing Balance, Patrick has managed, produced, and trained many employees to cultivate top quality, indoor as well as outdoor cannabis. With Patrick’s unique skill set and his success with Growing Balance in the cannabis sector in the New England region, it has enabled him to be able to advise and consult at numerous companies. These advisory services have ranged from, but not limited to, setting up in house standards, procedures, and programs to transition into scalable cannabis production.  

With continued success of Growing Balance, Patrick decided to found Growing Balance Extracts in 2018. Growing Balance Extracts is an in house vertically integrated ethanol based extraction company. At Growing Balance Extracts, Patrick has performed and managed hemp and cannabis extractions, developed proprietary standard operating procedures, subzero winterization, customized cannabis filtration and isolation, rotary evaporation, short path molecular distillation of cannabis and hemp, steam distillation of cannabis terpenes, scaled production of full spectrum cannabis extracts, along with production and manufacturing of cannabis oil vaporizer cartridges.

timzerilloAttorney Tim Zerillo

Tim Zerillo is a lawyer with a criminal defense, personal injury and marijuana regulatory practice in Portland.   Tim practices throughout Maine in Federal and State Courts.

Tim is a Delegate with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.   He is also a Past President of the Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, where he remains the Chair of the MACDL Continuing Legal Education Committee.  He has been elected to New England Super Lawyers for the years 2010-2017. Tim was elected to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 in 2014 and 2017.  Tim regularly publishes articles in the Maine Lawyer’s Review, focusing on criminal law issues.  Tim is the author of a book “Defending Specific Crimes,” which is currently in production with James Publishing.  Tim is a frequent lecturer on criminal defense and marijuana topics.

You can learn more about Tim by visiting his website, www.ZerilloLaw.com or by calling his office at 207.228.1139.


ssmallSayra Small

Sayra is a Maine medical marijuana caregiver and Co-founder of Farley’s Cannabis Farm. As lead cultivator, Sayra has Farley Farms focused on producing top shelf flower, extracts and is expanding to include hemp cultivation. Sayra has been cultivating and serving patients for six years however cannabis has played a big role in her life for over 25 years. Sayra’s cultivation style is focused on finding the perfect balance between hydro and organics to bring out the truest expression of genetics and is always researching to help bring new products to the expanding market. Sayra has been featured by ATTN for her own story of redemption through use of cannabis for recovery and placed second in the High 95 in 2017 for her highly sought after Agent Orange strain. Sayra is poised to to flex the tech she has learned over the years on a larger scale as the Maine market moves to toward recreational next year. Her passion for cannabis is surpassed only by her compassion for helping patients.



sarah hewittSarah Hewitt

Sarah Hewitt- Horticulturist, farmer, hemp advocate and Founder of Victory Hemp LLC. Victory Hemp grows high CBD hemp for a variety of markets nationally as well as provides consulting & crop management services for those interested in exploring hemp production. Sarah is also currently working collaboratively to start the Maine Hemp Coop with the goal to support farmers and the rapidly growing hemp industry within the state.

roxanneRoxanne Munksgaard

Roxanne Munksgaard is an artist and metalsmith who specializes in recycled copper and is founder of the Maine State House copper dome project. She co-owns an artisan gallery Downtown Bangor. Roxanne has been a medical cannabis patient since the start of the program in Maine. A former lobbyist and organizer for the people of Maine, Roxanne is now an activist through her political and cannabis art and is on the Advisory Committee for MMCM. http://www.mainejewelryart.com/





steve brownSteve Brown

Steve is a veteran of the Gulf war and served with the USAF as a Medic. He currently lives in Richmond however is searching for a house which has been ongoing for three years now.
He is single and is a caregiver for two people, his mother whom is 80 years old and his brother who is 58 years old and is also in a wheelchair making him responsible for all their financial, medical, and any other need which may arise (they raised me so now its my turn) Steve suffers from an SCA (Ataxia) along with his brother (whom also has a TBI from a freak accident) and his sister and 5 generations in his family therefore emotional,physical
pain are part of the deal. Steve served from 1988 to 1999 for the 101st in Bangor and ran clinics in South  Portland for the 243 EIS as well as the 265 CCSQ and on active duty at Maxwel/Gunter AFB in Montgomery Alabama as well as bases in Arizona, LA, and California. Pretty good knowledge of the VA system so all contact and questions from anyone attemptting to navigate the system please bend elbows with Steve. Everyone at the VA is quite aware of Steve's use, going on 40 years now and was an activist for the Medical Marijuana movement of 2009 and helped to bring legality to our state.