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Darrell Gudroe

darrellI was Born in Bath, Maine in September of 1976. I am the owner of Gudroe Technology Group a technology company that I first worked for (B and B Communications) and eventually purchased. I am Married to my beautiful Wife, Sarah Gudroe, and together we have 2 children Patrick and Andrew. I first became involved with Medical Marijuana as a legal patient after my second round of Cancer. At that time I also became a volunteer consultant for others that wanted to know how to become a patient, soon after, I also started consulting with caregivers as well. In January of 2015 I volunteered to be a Technology consultant for MMCM. In March I was invited to take a seat on the Board as well as on the Home Grown Committee. Since this time, I have learned so much about the politics surrounding this field that I am now actively entering into the political world as well.


Founder and Chief Scientific Officer,
ProVerde Laboratories, Milford, Massachusetts
Dr. Hudalla is a Ph.D. analytical chemist with more than 25 years of research experience in analytical chemistry, spectroscopy and chromatographic method development. He is recognized worldwide as an expert in the field of traditional Reverse Phase Liquid, Supercritical Fluid and Convergence Chromatography and an active leader in the development and implementation of the UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography instrumentation. Dr. Hudalla is a founder and Chief Scientific Officer of ProVerde Laboratories, Inc., a premier analytical testing, CO2 extraction and derivative product formulation consultancy for the regulated medical cannabis and hemp industries. ProVerde is one of few laboratories in the U.S. to receive an ISO 17025 accrediation that specifically governs medical cannabis testing. ProVerde Laboratories operates at the cutting edge of medical cannabis extraction, purification and product formulation techniques, supported by expert analytical testing, with expertise that will move research into cannabis and its effects on various medical conditions forward as the medical cannabis industry progresses. Dr. Hudalla plays an integral part in providing clients operating in the Medical Marijuana and hemp industries the ability to deliver new products and product formulations that meet the highest standards for quality, consistency, safety and labeling. Dr. Hudalla received his M.S. and Ph.D. from The University of California at Santa Barbara and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Eppley Institute for Cancer Research within the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Dr. Hudalla has delivered presentations all over the world in his areas of expertise, including analytical testing specific to medical cannabis.


nickNICHOLAS DES LAURIERS: Business Development Manager
ProVerde Laboratories, Portland, Maine.
With a Business Development background and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Bryant University, Nick joined the ProVerde Team in early 2014 and has spearheaded their expansion into the great State of Maine. As ProVerde’s lead extractor, he has performed hundreds of SuperCritical CO2 extractions for Dispensaries, Caregivers and Patients over all over New England. Familiar with most extraction technologies, Nick knows first-hand the benefits and pitfalls of varying types of extraction technologies, methodologies and solvents. Nick also provides insights to Dispensaries, Caregivers and Patients about the importance of testing their medications, what and when to test.

Jill Osborn

jillJill Osborn is an activist but more importantly a mom. She began advocating for cannabis in 2012 with the MA medical use ballot initiative advocating for reasonable pediatric regulations as she has a daughter with a severe seizure disorder who could greatly benefit from cannabis medicine. She documents her journey as a Mom and activist on her blog titled Seizing Hope. Jill serves as the Families Outreach Director and MA chapter leader for Parents 4 Pot. She has published articles in Skunk and Ladybud magazines and was named in Skunk magazine's women of weed issue 2015. She strives to remind legislators and the public alike that kids are patients too and advocates for sensible and accessible legislation and access for all patients.


Canna-Dynamics – Dr. Brian Gillis

brian grills2A pioneer in the spheres of industrial uses for hemp and medical Cannabinoid based products with over 10 years of ground-breaking biotechnology research and exploration, Brian has developed unique extraction methods and complex products such as oils, tinctures, salves and vaporizer gels. In June, 2014, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity for outstanding service to the community in the field of biotechnology, and the healing of many through the use of the products he developed and shared. His research and development (R&D) corporate venture, “Canna –Dynamics,” also known as “Canna-Dyne,” is expanding to provide quality cannabinoid based products, medicines, delivery systems strain research, network and media platforms, and more.