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Erica Haywood

ericaErica Haywood is a licensed Maine Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) Caregiver, a former high school biology teacher and a professional gardener/musician/songwriter who lives and works in the foothills of Maine’s western mountains. She grows medical-grade, award-winning cannabis for her patients using organic soil-based gardening techniques and also enjoys giving performances and talks at events within the cannabis industry. Her husband Jack is a qualifying Maine medical marijuana program (MMP) patient who found freedom from pharmaceutical drugs and other invasive medical treatments through his use of cannabis as a medicine. Together, the couple formed Love Grown ™ Caregiver Services of Maine, a home-based caregiver services and consulting business with a skyrocketing social media presence. Along with preparing potent medicine for pediatric and adult patients, the Haywoods strive to create awareness of the cannabis plant as a healing herb by promoting education, fellowship and peace among the growers and patients in their community.