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Susan W Meehan

susanA 2012 graduate with a Master of Arts in Cultural Sustainability from Goucher College (Maryland), Meehan brings to the table diligent research backed by a 1991 Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Secondary Education from Fairfield University (Connecticut). With a unique combination of the analytical and the humanities, Meehan has worked most of her adult life in some form of education. Meehan’s diverse skill set includes solid writing and communication abilities, research and analysis, negotiation and networking, and medical experience from an Emergency Medical Technician/Volunteer Firefighter background as well as perspective as the parent of a medically fragile child. A ten year employee of the Mohegan Tribal Government in Connecticut where she served as Cultural Outreach Specialist, Meehan retired in 2013 to move to Maine to legally access marijuana to save her daughter’s life. Cyndimae has Dravet Syndrome Epilepsy, a catastrophic form of epilepsy characterized by seizures that do not respond to typical medications. As of December 2015, for the first time in her life, Cyndimae has a virtually normal background EEG (brain waves). Additionally, using tinctures made from specific Maine-grown THCA/THC high strains, Cyndimae is having seizures once or twice a week instead of hundreds a day. Including all the various seizure types she has, Cyndimae’s seizures are over 99% reduced using cannabis. In 2014, Meehan started regularly contacting her state representatives and attending legislative hearings that involved marijuana. Meehan and her daughter have earned MMCM’s Patient Advocacy recognition for two consecutive years. Meehan feels strongly that this plant that has saved her daughter’s life should be a first line treatment for many diseases at a doctor’s and patient’s discretion. Additionally, Meehan deems it unconstitutional to restrict access to this plant thereby restricting people’s freedom of movement, their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Meehan’s long term goals include working toward federal de-scheduling and deregulation of this life-saving plant that was once the cornerstone of American pharmacopeia, early American farms, and many sustainable industries.