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Dr. Dustin Sulak

dustin sulak


Doctor of Osteopathy – General Practitioner / Clinical Hypnotherapist / Reiki Sensei / Bachelor of Science in Biology / Bachelor of Science in Nutrition

My Journey:

I have known that I would be a physician since I was very young. As a child I received extensive allopathic treatment for a variety of chronic illnesses and structural difficulties. Most of this treatment actually worsened my health. After I left for college I realized that I could take my health into my own hands. By exploring a healthy lifestyle and several holistic healing modalities, I was able to heal myself and I greatly improved the quality of my life.

I began practicing healing arts in 1998 with my initiation into Reiki through the Tera-Mai™ lineage. I received Reiki Sensei training and began teaching in 2000. In 2003 I discovered an impressive energy medicine modality called BodyTalk™, which was created by Reiki teachers and combines the best aspects of many healing systems. Later that year I became a certified BodyTalk practitioner. In 2004 I completed a 400 hour hypnotherapy training program at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in Santa Fe, New Mexico, whose comprehensive curriculum includes Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP), Transforming Therapy™, medical hypnosis, natal regression, and past life regression.

In my academic journey, I earned two bachelor degrees in Biology and Nutrition Science from Indiana University in Bloomington. In 2008 I graduated from the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine at Midwestern University – Glendale. Although my medical school curriculum emphasized allopathy, my osteopathic degree has given me the opportunity to learn from some of the best D.O.’s in the country. I have spent much time and study developing my skills in osteopathic manipulation, including cranial and biodynamic osteopathy.

After medical school I completed a one-year internship at the Maine Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency, which included rotations in emergency medicine, surgery, obstetrics, geriatrics, pediatrics, and inpatient internal medicine.

Additionally, I have studied with a Lakota Medicine Chief, a Lubavitcher Rabbi, several excellent allopathic and osteopathic physicians, and many teachers of yoga, qi gong, tai chi, meditation, Reiki, and other forms of hands-on energy healing. I regularly attend cannabis research conferences and am a diplomat of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine. I always continue to learn, practice, integrate, and teach the cutting edge techniques of the healthcare evolution.