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Sara M. Dostie

sdostieL.M.T & Registered Recreational Maine Guide
Graduate of the Down East School of Massage in 1999
Owner of Healing Hands Holistic Wellness LLC, she started her practice in 1999 DBA Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage.
During her career she has studied a broad range of modalities in the healing arts, such as CORE myofascial therapy, European hot stone massage, Royal spa treatments, clinic and practicum on fibromyalgia syndrome, orthopedic massage and pain management. Yamuna body rolling, Ayurvedic massage, Kinesio taping 1,2&3. Ethics, law and substance abuse. Zen and the art of wellness caring for the care giver.
Usui shiki Ryoho Reiki levels 1,2 and 3.
Listening to the body, understanding stress related symptoms.
New ventures entrepreneur training. Yin yoga teacher training.
Practitioner in training having completed two levels of Pheonix Rising Yoga Therapy.
In 2008 she broadened her interests with a goal in mind of becoming a maine guide. She completed 40 hrs of wilderness training and in 2009 passed her Maine Guide exam for the Recreation title.
She is a certified tread lightly trainer.
Hippa certified
Current with CPR/first aid.
Her wellness practice encompasses a holistic approach.
She enjoys teaching self care movement classes in Hallowell Maine at A Center for Health Insight.
Assistant coaching gymnastics in two local communities for 8 yrs.
Utilizing her guide skills with individuals, small groups and a teen adventure program has been full of purpose.
Volunteer experience:
Sara has served as a volunteer ambassador for woman work and community, Now New Ventures Maine many years and has taken on the current role as central region director which includes leadership advocacy training.
Served a 6yr term in multiple seats such as, President of the board for Kennebec Extension Assoc for the office of Cooperative Extension.
Sara enjoys instructing at Panacea School of Integrative Health- she has taught, anatomy, physiology, pathology, energy healing techniques, self care, business design and ethics, also assisting with massage clinics, and more with the current program hands on massage foundations, as well as advanced techniques. She will be sharing her knowledge of edible plants and fungi with the PSIH Herbology programs, and Herbal Remedies with Homegrown Healthcare of Maine apothecary and wellness center.