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Jennifer Grue

jennifer grueJennifer Grue is the owner and creator behind Muffins' Apothecary, a budding herbal medicine business that uses locally sourced ingredients for health and wellness products. Every item she produces is made from high quality herbs, spices, and medicinal plants that she has personally and thoroughly researched to make sure her products are of the highest quality. With over four years of focusing on herbal medicine and a degree from the University of Massachusetts in Sustainable Food and Farming with a specialization in Herbal Medicine and Holistic Healing, Jennifer has a competent and thorough knowledge of herbs and a wide variety of medicines for assorted ailments. Ailments such as depression, anxiety, weakened immune system, and more are remedied with patience and the care necessary to get to know every customer and what will help them best. Through an energy healing practice known as Reiki, Jennifer imbues every product with a boost of healing energy for the best quality of medicine. She is also an instructor with Sinsemilla Seminars-helping to bring a refreshing spin on topicals, tinctures, and edibles!