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Kathleen McKinnon

kathleenmcKathleen McKinnon is a lifelong Massachusetts resident and is the Director of Operations for Canna Care Docs, the largest medical marijuana evaluation center in the US. She is a pioneer in providing education related to cannabinoid therapies across a range of conditions. She has been with Canna Care Docs since its inception in 2013. Kathleen oversees 100+ employees and has been instrumental in developing the educational process that makes so many patients successful with Canna Care Docs. Kathleen has a BS in dental hygiene, and has spent the early part of her career working to educate patients on total body health and wellness. Kathleen is thoroughly knowledgeable about failed treatment options and the desperations families and patients face in regards to opioid addictions, and sees the benefits of Cannabis as addiction treatment, among many other medicinal uses. She has spoken on this subject publicly at events such as Extravaganja in Northampton, MA and the Freedom Rally in Boston. She is a mother of three and has two grandsons.